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Having a regular income to help to support and sustain our campaign is vital. Your donation every month is really important.

That's why I want to find 50 people who could donate £10 or more to help support my campaign.

That £500 a month is vital in our work to contact key voters.

If you could donate more, or help join others your money could be a real game changer:

£5 - Pay for a batch of leaflets for a key ward  
£10 - Send out 200 text messages to young voters  
£20 - Pays for 200 letters to be sent to key voters  
£50 - Phone calls to a street of voters in a marginal seat  
£100 - Pay for a ward’s campaigning in this vital election

Donate now and help us build a winning campaign.

Who's donating

George Dickson
George Dickson
George Dickson
George Dickson
George Dickson
George Dickson
George Dickson
George Dickson
Olubukunola Morgan
Nagus Narenthira
Richard Logue #Fbpe
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50 donors
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